Backend Development

This section covers tutorials in backend development mainly using Nodejs.

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Interview Questions

This section covers interview questions on range of topics like javascript,reactjs and so on...


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About Technoetics

Technoetics is a term coined by Roy Ascott which refers to an emergent field of technology and consciousness research. This website was started with a simple motive sharing knowledge on topics that I learn day by day.This website will cover articles on latest technology,frameworks and tutorials on various topics or anything that comes to my mind. I will try to keep this website as simple as possible sharing code,easy to use development tips and some interesting facts once in a while. While I try to share as much code as possible on github this is my first attempt to share my knowledge on various topics to the world.
I hope that you like the articles and if not give feedback to me on all possible areas on which I can improve.

Quote for the day

The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay

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