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  1. Hi Could you please help with the error…. I am getting error in this section
    if(response.data.code == 200){
    Syntax error: Unexpected token, expected , (18:11)

    And also please send me the entire code of App.js https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cea529b630faf2f3c92d4745c0c3e1029e49e860315258592653004b6ca6a07d.png

    • You are most probably getting the error because the backend nodejs server migt not be up. You can find the source code for the entire project in the github link mentioned at the end of the article before the final app screenshots.

  2. Boss , something is wrong! your github repo code is different than what you have explained in node + mysql server event it points to simple register and login.

    But example contains student login and register login and all.

    Waiting for your reply.

    thank you,

    • I usually only share basic code/starter kit kind of code on github since it serves as good learning exercise for developers to read and implement the tutorials themselves rather than simply reusing existing projects by debugging issues…It serves as a good learning exercise and they are able to learn themselves… Also the coding syntaxes and development styles change heavily in react with each new release and even in javascript with release of each ECMA version and the projects code get outdated quite fast 😀

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