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Everyone of us likes to hear songs and youtube is one of the most common destination for us to listen and discover new songs. As a programmer I usually have the habit of listening to soothing music on youtube while I code and many programmers will relate to this habit. I usually like to listen to curated playlists but sometimes listen to a single song quite many times at a stretch.

So there are many ways to looping songs on youtube like changing url to listenonrepeat or some other websites so that those websites loop the songs/videos for you.However there is an easier way which lies before us right there on youtube yet we overlook it.

So here are the steps:

1)Open any video on youtube on pc.
2)Right click on the video and click on loop

Thats it. This little option remained elusive to me for years but saved those precious little seconds of changing urls once I discovered it.

But thats not at all why I wrote this post at all. I usually listen to songs on my phone while travelling and wanted to do the same thing on android phone.
Now this is kind of cheap trick but it works. You can download apps which repeat songs on phone like listenonrepeat or take following steps.
1)Open mobile browser of your choice.I usually do it on firefox for android because the current version of firefox does not pause videos even when minimised which is kind of nice thing as of now because it allows me to use firefox as a music player on my phone(I hope they dont fix it ever).
2)Go to your video on mobile version of youtube. Click on the 3 dots on top right hand side.
3)Select desktop option which will load desktop version.
4)Hit long press on the video and select loop option.
5)Go back to mobile version and enjoy your youtube songs on loop.

Now this might seem like a too much of work and most of will prefer to listening songs on music player itself.But there are are couple of reasons why I prefer doing this
1)I am not rich enough to buy or subscribe to premium music streaming services.
2)But I dont like downloading songs for free considering the efforts artists put into making them.
3)It allows music publishers to get revenue through adds and artists to get there recognition since every view on there youtube channel increases there popularity so kind of helping them in my own way while doing my coding assignments.

Thats all for today and happy coding.

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