The untold story of React

Reactjs and Reactnative have become top two open sourced projects from Facebook which are being actively used by companies like Netflix,Airbnb,Myntra and Feedly among others.There are many active contributions being made to the projects to add additional features and support more platforms in react like recent addition to support Apple TV.

History of React

React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. He was influenced by XHP, a PHP-based component system that is still in use at Facebook, but also by functional programming ideas. XHP was created by Marcel Laverdet mainly for Facebook Lite as a new UI rendering layer.React was first used in Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011.

Pete Hunt wanted to use React at Instagram, so he helped to extract React from Facebook-specific code. This prepared React to be open sourced and published as a stand alone library.It was later used on in 2012.

Later, Facebook put a team of engineers behind React and also received great contributions from the open source community.  Significant contributors include Sebastian Markbåge and Ben Alpert, among many others.

React native libraries we announced by Facebook in 2015 which extended react architecture in the development of Android and Ios applications.

Currently there are 839 contributors to react github project.

React Learning Graph

If you want to learn React in 2016, it will be better to learn it along with Redux to develop web applications faster and handle code complexity in a better manner.

The flow of learning reactjs can be divided into following steps:




Once you are done with learning reactjs you should learn redux and how to integrate redux into reactjs. You can then easily build react apps and then start learning graphql or reactnative based on your preferences and needs.

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